Réplique de la Rolex 7750 1978


The powerful BVL318 self-winding motor (3.30mm thick), with self-winding rotor on the outer edge, small by two hands, has timer function and two GMT timer. Réplique de la Rolex 7750 1978 It is different from the rest. Réplique de la Rolex 7750 1978
The queen of Naples looks not only iconic, but the movement is unique. Icon set temperature remains constant on calendar. He sends the card to the landlord to prepare the cap, but the landlord refuses to accept it and tells him he can only buy it with cash. Réplique de la Rolex 7750 1978 The 838P hollow mechanical movement demonstrates the most advanced technology and an ultra-slim design to create the most innovative design techniques of the past. It is expected that at the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Fair 2018, we will see a market of different color schemes.

If you like it, you can go to the store to see the glory. The Skeleton movement (just 2.40 mm thick), the largest watch strap in the world (just 5.34 mm thick) is the latest in the best combination of what is the most advanced in the public world. You can enjoy high quality workmanship by moving the sapphire crystal roof back. the doors were thick; The Rolex 'Spirit' is 12.6 mm thick and the Longines Concass is 11.7 mm thick.

The simple dial, clear and carefully crafted platinum notation and the sword shift to the hour and minute hands, highlighting the new design for harmony and a heart-like face. The third watch uses a transparent sapphire face, which can be seen at a glance.

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